Quarantine can be stressful for relationships: problems and solutions

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You must learn what it means to defend oneself, what it means to be empathetic and not to trivialize oneself, to name – to shout and to shame. It’s not ideal to be trapped in your own home; everybody knows that, but make the most of it and do fun things with your partner while you’re at home. If you are part of a couple who live together and see each other, now is the time to reconnect. 

We are at a time when the world and our partners need more love than ever. From this standpoint, it is easy to approach partner conflicts with compassion and respect, but one should remember that one is one of them. Friendship and marriage are more important than almost any argument or coronavirus. One orientation is not objectively better or worse than the other, but both orientations in dealing with threats can help a couple or family cope with life’s slings and arrows in the long run. Those who have not been able to regulate their behaviour with a partner when faced with a disaster should consider whether they do not want to share the typical view of life and end their relationship. I define this as people who usually have a method of developing destructive feelings, getting out to calm their temper, losing their temptation, or having disputes. In view of the rapid pace of life today, some people play completely different roles, corresponding to their daily existence as workers, sons or husbands with different responsibilities.One way to avoid family conflicts is to ask your spouse about the ups and downs of their day, about their feelings. Life – changing events can make you your own worst enemy, so it only helps to put things in perspective. If you are unhappy and your relationship is not being nurtured, neither of you can take the blame. Talk to your spouse about your goals for the next few months, years, or even decades, and help keep those goals realistic and on the same page. 

Don’t let a relationship break down, speak out your mind. Many people are currently struggling to adhere to a normal schedule, which is unfortunate because most of us rely on schedules to work, sleep, and even combat things like anxiety and depression. I suggest couples to sit down and set a rough schedule to add structure and make things a little more normal. This can be particularly helpful when a couple is working from home for the first time. It is especially important to keep an eye on the cleanliness of your household in order to avoid infection with the coronavirus. Keep hygiene standards at a high level to avoid the infection. Clean the house together! Spending time together and not being able to escape inevitably increases the likelihood of a full-blown altercation or even physical confrontation between you. Of course it is a stressful time, but there are also stressful times in our lives, and this is one of them. Keep in mind: you can always talk out your heart to solve future conflicts. The good news is that the human brain is uniquely equipped to respond strongly to unknown dangers. Understanding that tensions are inevitable is good, as long as one can take careful steps to reduce the reactivity that inevitably occurs during quarantine. Get in touch with friends and neighbours who live alone and follow experts advice to better navigate the complex and often dangerous world of quarantine and isolation.

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