The database contains 56943 articles at the moment.
Last updated : 2020-10-27 10:36:46

What is this website about?

This website contains a constantly growing COVID-19(SARS-2-CoV) article archive database. I started to collect articles connected to the COVID-19 coronavirus
in January 2020, I am archiving everything what I can. News, blogs,academic articles,essays,everything. The articles are not stored on my server, I am using the free archiving service provided by and

What is the goal of this website?

I hope that my work will be a useful tool to fight  misinformation and media manipulation in the future. Plus it can be really heplful for the future historians.

How often do you update this website?

The COVID-19 archive database is updated daily, with cca. 200-400 entries.

Why is the database loading slowly?

The database is rendering more then 200k+ cells, so please be patient and wait a little bit before interacting with it. The loading process is visualized under the table. Usually it takes approx. 15-25 sec to load the full database. 

How can I search in the database?

IMPORTANT: after making a search request, please dont forget to return to the first page

If you want to search by date, simple click on the “Date” field, and click on the desired date. You can sort the data by source(click on the “Source” field, and select the desired source), or you can search for a specific keyword(type the text to the “Search” field). 

How can I contact you? Can I use your data for my research?

Write an email to :

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Created by Kalman Mezei

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